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dAKnitters February 2009 Collection
Exciting things are happening over at dAKnitters  
Love is in the air!  

February often fills us up with chocolate candies, fills vases with perfect petals and romantic songs play at our heart strings.   February also brings dAKnitters :new: news article featuring the collection of new fiber pieces created, crafted and skillfully made by our members!
Our members have been busy creating with their love of fiber and their love of this classic and ever growing modern art.  Often our members step outside of the scope of what people think that knitting and crocheting arts are, “Granny’s hobby”.  Heck no- not just Granny’s hobby anymore.  Knitting , crocheting and similar fiber arts are expressive, they are unique, they are functional and they are heirlooms.  Our members take what they know of the classic craft and transform their work with new methods and techniques into modern art pieces.  Pieces we can wear, struggle up in, play with, display and do some much more with!

dAKnitters welcomes everyone on dA to review our member’s latest creations.  Please check them out and explore the world of fiber arts.  Our February 2009 Collection can be found here and viewed here as well as below thumbnails listed in this article:…

While you are checking out the art work, please also check out the upcoming contest that :devknitters: is holding for its members.  Journal entry:…

Also check out becoming a member of dAKnitters If you are a fiber artist or a fiber art lover; we welcome you!
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:bulletred: Crocheted Fiber Art:

Ravenclaw Scarf by ArielManx Ravenclaw Dice Bag by ArielManx Gryffindor Dice Bag FOR SALE by ArielManx
Hufflepuff Dice Bag FOR SALE by ArielManx Slytherin Dice Bag FOR SALE by ArielManx American Pride Scarf 4 glunac by ArielManx (6) Submitted by member ArielManx
Teddy's Rattle by DragonKissses Playful Teddy Bear by DragonKissses Butterfly TP Cozy by DragonKissses
School Pride Baby by DragonKissses (4) Submitted by member DragonKissses
My Alien by MOGsplosh Introducing Albert..... by MOGsplosh (2) Submitted by member MOGsplosh
:thumb109530455: Submitted by member syppah
Snow Day Monkey by voodoomaggie Super mini Owlie by voodoomaggie (2) Submitted by member voodoomaggie
Santa Tea Cozy by oldfatwoman Submitted by member oldfatwoman
slouchy beret hat by taralynnjane Submitted by member taralynnjane
:thumb109818815: The Bunnys Are Done by Simnut (2) Submitted by member Simnut
Kyla the healer 2nd version by knotsme Great White Sharky by knotsme (2) Submitted by member knotsme
Cap for Josh by woozalia Victorian Green Snowflake by woozalia (2) Submitted by member woozalia
snowy fashion scarf by DalloftheABOVE pink and green makeup bag by DalloftheABOVE red rose pillow by DalloftheABOVE
dominican rep goodies round 1 by DalloftheABOVE blue baby blankie for d.r. by DalloftheABOVE (5) Submitted by member DalloftheABOVE
Winter Camouflage Baby Blanket by Hermioneann Submitted by member Hermioneann
31 Flowers by joanieponytail Six-Petal Flowers by joanieponytail (2) Submitted by member joanieponytail
Brilliant Butterfly by Aredith Joker by Aredith Harlequin by Aredith (3) Submitted by member Aredith
Bea's birthday 2k8 by CountessDeSangre Lacy Fringed Scarf by CountessDeSangre Super Quick Hat by CountessDeSangre (3) Submitted by member CountessDeSangre
Dragon by morgantown Lion by morgantown (2) Submitted by member morgantown

:bulletblue: Knitted Fiber Art:

Baby Kimono by Nittletwister Submitted by member Nittletwister
Joey Hat by MeddlerInc Submitted by member MeddlerInc
Self knitting jumper by foxymitts :thumb110147699: Scotty dog by foxymitts (3) Submitted by member foxymitts
First Sweater by minishadowlove Sarah J.s Pink Socks by minishadowlove (2) Submitted by member minishadowlove
Mittens for B and Z too by woozalia Submitted by member woozalia
Basketweave Blossom Hat by aliledesma Submitted by member aliledesma
Fingerless glove by KimHeeGrace Submitted by member KimHeeGrace
Custom fibers collage by StarTyrian Submitted by member StarTyrian

:bulletgreen:Combo Knit and Crocheted Fiber Art:

Kitty Kiddy Set by KimHeeGrace Submitted by member KimHeeGrace

:bulletyellow:Felted Fiber Art:

Felting trial by Nittletwister Submitted by member Nittletwister

Membership journal 1:…
Membership journal 2:…

Thank you Admin Staff of dAKnitters
Reported by DragonKissses
ArielManx Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009
Much awesomeness! :D
taralynnjane Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
i love it!
foxymitts Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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February 1, 2009


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